A website created back in 2005 when I first dived in the digital world.
Got hooked when my previous work assigned the company website to me. I had to quickly learn everything I need to know about html and hosting! I even went a little deeper in exploring into forums and photo gallery scripts that are open-sourced and setup some sites with random images both personal and public domain.

Perused the internet, grabbed a couple of books, talked to a lot of people in the circle and fast-forward to 2022 - this personal website is still thriving! There are a lot of personal website out there that are created by artistic and creative people which deserves kudos but this one is an ongoing learning experience.

It had its share of hackers and servers issues, un-updated contents and multiple upgrades to the current CMS i fell in love since day one.

After I got laid off from the company I worked for almost 15 years I lost interest in all digital related task. Its the usual "may pinagdadaanan" routine.  I just recently visited the Joomla site and was amazed by the latest version. Joomla 4!!!  I started with this on Joomla 1.5!  Now a new fire ignited in the inner bellows on my mind..let's start this up again!