2 am. Makulit yun mga nag-p pm sa akin sa fb. So pinatay ko yung celphone ko.

Pag gising ko at binuhay ko yun celphone sangkatutak na message ang pumasok.  Yun nga..ded ka na raw.

Syempre nakakalungkot dahil tropa ka..kakosa. Kahit di ka kasama sa original na grupo sa 3rd floor humabol ka sa apat na taon kong balik-balikan sa lugar ng mga siga.
Taena ka. Ngayon balagong ka na dyan sa mga nauna sa iyo! heheh
Sila Fang, Otats, at Barako nakaabang na sa iyo! :)

Hanggang sa muli kaibigan..


The wife picked up a new hobby. Youtube channel!

So guess who gets to be her video editor? uhum.

I used to edit video back then..with my Amiga 500 and analog video camera hence that will give you some idea of the experience I have on video editing

My latest battle is exporting the finish product into a video file.  The first 2 videos I done was manageable in size since its just less than 10 mins each. This one is a little over 12 minutes and tried to export it but so slow in doing so.
I let is run overnight and woke up with just 85% done.

My computer specs?

I might buy a new CPU and switch to Adobe Premier Pro to see what happens.


I like my new playtoy! Since my 8gigs Ipod Touch was a christmas gift from my kids it has some kind of a sentimental value on it so when it was stolen a month ago I was so devastated that I posted the serial number on one of my blogs.  Fortunately, I was reimbursed  by the powers that be and bought a new 32gigs Ipod Touch!  Kudos to the itunes software cuz' it had made a backup of my stolen ipod and managed to restore the old soul back to life! mp3s, pictures, videos, and free apps!! all intact!!


With all the calamities thats happening around us, it might be wise to make a personal documents kit just in case you need to evacuate your home. First and foremost, you need a portable, waterproof and fireproof container to put all emergency personal documents.  This list is not in any order so you can customize it in the order of your preference.


-Credit cards, ATM, Cash and bank account numbers

-Family Records (Birth, Marriage,death certificates)


-Social Security Cards

-Health insurance cards

-Home, Auto, Life Insurance policies and agent's phone numbers

-DVD with photos of home, assets, personal items and valuable possessions.

-Deeds, Titles, contracts and registrations

-Medical Prescriptions and doctors contact info

-Tax Returns

-Immunization Records